We pride ourselves on finding the best value for money for those with a midrange budget. Africa is full of very luxurious accommodation options but very few midrange priced accommodation options that are clean tidy and comfortable.

We have worked hard to find the best possible accommodation for the best price. You will be surprised on what we have managed to discover in Africa for your budget.

However if you want to upgrade for part of your trip, please let us know and we can add that to your safari package.

Health & Safety

Your security and well-being are our top priorities. The Wildlife Parks, Conservation Areas, campsites and backpackers we utilize on the safari are well-known and secure. With regard to your personal health, it is essential that you visit your doctor before you come to Africa for advice on which Anti-Malarial Tablets to bring and any vaccinations you may require (Yellow Fever Certificate is obligatory). There will be a first aid kit available, but please be prudent and bring any personal medication you may require with you. You must provide us with proof of travel insurance for yourself and your belongings; otherwise you will not be allowed to commence the safari. Finally, let us know in advance of any dietary restrictions you may have, so we can acquire any specific food before the safari starts. Upon arrival, you will be given an in-depth briefing as to what your safari will entail. It will cover such aspects as: What to expect in Africa, how to bargain, how to treat locals, where to exchange money and general life on the trip.


ATM’s can be sourced throughout the safari and all optional extras can be paid in either local currency or hard currency. Please note that VISA can only be used at ATM’s. Hard currencies can be used and changed into local currency and it is essential that you do have some US$ as ATM’s may not always work and Entry Visa’s need to be paid in US$ cash. Hard currencies (preferably US$) should be of good standard and above the date of 2004.

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