My Inspiration

My Inspiration

Africa – It is always on my mind. Once it gets under your skin it will never leave. Returning is the only remedy and the only way to fulfill the addiction of this amazing continent. To breath the air, to smell it, to hear its sounds, this is the only way to feed the drug that is Africa. This is what I want to bring to you, my passion for Africa!

As a guide I believe it is my responsibility to educate my clients on Africa, its people, wildlife and culture. The best way to do that is to get you onto the continent and live it. As much as I would like to explain to you the enthralling  noises that you can hear while camped up in the bush or the tastes and sounds of a local food market and those wonderful African smiles. It can only be truly appreciated once you get into Africa. Those that have taken the plunge and ventured onto this amazing continent will agree with me that no-one ever appreciates Africa like those who have been there!

Let me take you to Africa and fulfill your dreams! With my many years of experience in East and Southern Africa, work and educational qualifications and proven local contacts I will ensure that you will come back with memories that will last a lifetime.


Founder of ‘Africa With Grace’

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